A Profound Beginning

We (mom and me) began our journey on a dark and snowy night. Leaving at night seemed wrong, yet everything was right about this departure time. By the time we drove south of Seattle, the sky opened up and a full moon shone. At our first stop, for a very late dinner, we met a holy man reading the Bible. This omen confirmed our belief that this was, and is, “God’s trip.” We felt guided the minute we started the van.
This profundity from Rumi summarizes the essence of our feelings:

“Rise up nimbly
and go on your strange journey
to the ocean of meanings.

The stream knows
it can’t stay on the mountain,
Leave and don’t look away
from the sun as you go,
in whose light
you’re sometimes crescent,
sometimes full.”



2 thoughts on “A Profound Beginning

    • Thank you for the comment! We are getting started with the blog and the journey; we promise a lot more soon. Already, we’ve had so many adventures and meetings with remarkable people. Please check in and we will check in with you too!

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