P1340194Having met many German travelers, we find it safe to say that they know how to adapt to any situation with grace and creativity.    This couple made the most of a Walmart parking lot, having spent the night nestled next to a lovely pine tree.   Obviously they knew how to find some beauty int he midst of the blacktop and neon lights of Walmart.   Smiling, they were making pour-over coffee in their  VW van.   Relaxed and elegant, they transformed the huge parking lot into an intimate cafe!

Since we too make pour-over coffee every morning, there was an instant sympatico.   We felt a kinship with them.  Although we didn’t want to disturb their morning ritual, which they were clearly enjoying together, we bid them a good morning and congratulated them on their coffee style.   They immediately started talking about their many travels in the old, well maintained VW camper van.    The husband took great pride in the pristine condition of their VW.    Traveling together all over the United States and Canada for over 25 years,  they roamed with joy and a sense of adventure .   Such exuberance!   He described situations that would have tested the most intrepid of travelers, yet they took challenges and difficulties in stride.  No matter what  the challenge, they welcomed it…and found ways to make light of mechanical failures, nearly impassable roads,  inclement weather (like once being caught in a ferocious hail and rainstorm).    A certain calm confidence and wide-eyed wonder with the world  impressed us  while also offering us the gift of transforming a morning on blacktop into a morning of serenity & inspiration.

It would have been easy to talk with them all day (and night), but the road beckoned .    We will not forget them .   The Germans, again, reminded us that every moment is beautiful if we make it so.


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