Portland Traffic is Worse than L.A. Traffic!

P1340763Who knew Portland had such bad tortuous traffic ?….little dumpy brown city has morphed into “where hipsters go to retire” and a mecca for musicians and creatives.   We were stuck, stuck, stuck for almost 2 hours, inching along at 3 p.m. in the most congested mess.   Who knew so many people lived in the suburbs of south Portland?

So, WARNING: Portland does have long, long, lines of traffic and you will be stuck for a long time if you drive anytime after 2 p.m.     Luckily for us we had good music to listen to and NPR had some good programming.   It’s just more of a shocking experience than L.A. traffic because it is not expected.

So, you can see in the photo our bear.  His name is George.   He was handmade in England .    He sits proudly  between the seats.   When we  closing our storage unit, we just could not leave  him behind.   Now he is like a travel mate and he has amused many people who are surprised to see him.    One woman from England offered to buy him!


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