Hitting the gas after the hours spent in the Portland gridlock felt exhilarating.  Hard to stop but gas is low.   Roseburg is an easy exit off the freeway .   A typical small town with the funky thrift store, small eateries and a gas station with a HUGE MUSHROOM.    Wait.   How many small towns feature a HUGE MUSHROOM sculpture at the gas station?    Can’t let this go without mention.    Time to HOOP AROUND THE MUSHROOM! P1290530 Since I hoop whenever  the opportunity arises, this was the perfect off-beat place to  do it.   First time paying homage to  mushroom!    The fun of traveling is seeing and honoring these unexpected sights.   Thank goodness for the occasional oddity.   What would life be like without, say, giant mushrooms at gas stations in the middle of nowhere? DAVID LYNCH might be inspired here.    Get the feeling there’s more going on here than meets the eye.     BUT, we’re outta here.   ASHLAND awaits…


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