In a sea or traffic for hours means that when you land into a town you do feel like a sailor in search of treasure(s).   A cafe is our favorite treasure when landing in a new town.   Not only does a cup of brew taste wonderful after sitting and sitting, but it also provides the chance to see the citizens of a new town, to relax, to go online,  or just sit and take in the new surroundings.   BEST of all is when a conversation starts and that warm feeling of being connected eases the sense of being just an observer.    Local newspapers let you know what is happening as well as the current issues of the town.   Usually someone leaves a paper, but we like to support local newspapers so we feel it is important to buy one too.    This photo is at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in downtown Chico.     Tables outside are more fun since conversations are easier to start when people need your help watching their dog while they run in to get their coffee.    Luckily, Chico has a mild climate so sitting outside year round is possible. There was a time not long ago when cafes were full of people eagerly engaged in debating,  or conversing about a book or a poem or world events with others….and there was a welcoming energy so that joining- in was almost always possible.  Today, there is so much less of this.   So much so that when we see someone reading a book or discussing something besides daily trivialities, it  is a shocking joy.   Just as picnics are on the wane, so are the gathering places where ideas and inspirations are shared.    Let’s not forget that it was in European cafes where some great ideas and inventions were hatched, thus changing the world.   That said, we did meet a philosopher at Peet’s ( Harvard Divinity School).  And, yes it was because he had a dog !    The dog was the invitation to chat .    Now, he is a friend.    What a great treasure.      P1300502


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