FREE ART in Chico


Chico has a welcoming feeling, made even more welcoming with FREE art ( on the outside of buildings, not just the usual white walls of a gallery).   Free can mean less respect for the offering but, it can also mean delight and awe.

When you stroll the downtown streets of Chico. YES, you can be a flaneur in Chico…the treelined streets, wide sidewalks, little eateries & galleries, and bountiful benches lend themselves to meandering and looking and seeing.  Take your coffee, or tea, and enjoy the slow pace.   OBSERVE what is not glaringly obvious.   You will discover a town with a lot of “secrets” which become unexpected gifts.    BIDWELL PARK is another pleasantry.   Large enough to spend at least half a day, walking through this treasure trove of nature’s beauty provides a deep relaxation and, in the summer especially, a respite from the withering heat.    ENJOY!

On the wall outside  Pluto’s, in downtown Chico, ( a brilliant eatery started by Stanford grads with a far-out menu of  fantastic salads,  and Thanksgiving dinner all year round!)  is a long wall full of art.


Jaimie celebrates this vibrant  discovery ( and joy in the unexpected, and some rather good art too!) by spinning. Yes, the wide and welcoming sidewalks embrace this…along with the many Chico skateboarders too!


Keep walking, right through the giant hand sculpture art….



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