Here,  a few paces down from  Esalen, Jaimie made our morning pour-over, organic coffee.   101_1898With this view, coupled with the sweet, gentle air,  we called it our million dollar cup of coffee….because everyone says the view here is worth a million dollars. (give or take a million).   Of course the view is priceless .   That cup of coffee will be long remembered.   Again, words just do not suffice.  Feeling bliss, feeling at peace with ourselves and the world and feeling a profound gratitude equals a very good moment.   Besides, what better place to spin the hoop?

We stayed and enjoyed our coffee and view and the embracing air until a Highway Patrolman pulled up .  Uh oh, trouble in our paradise moment….was our van parked wrong or were we not allowed to stop here?  No, no worries… he said we were in his favorite lunch spot!    Not wanting to usurp his happy lunch moment, we felt this was the right moment to leave.

Thank you Big Sur for your million dollar cafe!


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