Enchantment.  The twisty, windy road to Esalen, on Higway 1, is worth it.  I remember Esalen in the 70’s and it really has not changed all that much.  There is the same laid back come hither feeling, even if you are there for therapy or one of the many conferences  and  workshops.   A lovely organic garden is tended by volunteers.   Small, rustic cabins charm but do not overwhelm with cuteness .   So happy there remains some authenticity in a world that seems so full of new age luxury retreats.   This is the real deal.   I always have felt an immediate peace and joy here.   For those who come in after 1 am for the hot springs, this singular experience will, most likely, remain with you long after you have left Esalen.  Perched so close to the cliff’s edge, sitting in these healing waters (clothing optional) in the dark of the night with oceanic rumblings is as close to  transcendental glory as I can imagine.    Thank you, most gracious place! Esalen BI look life a wee elf in this photo, and that is, actually, how I felt there!



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