In the folds of mountain, tall trees, and ocean, a gentle wind blows.   All feels right with the world.   We have just one more hour in Big Sur, but when we discover this artistic compoud, just down from the General Store, time slows and lulls  us into an alternate universe.  A fantastically  charming school, seemingly contained in the vibe and magic of the  60’s and 70’s, appears, well, magically.

Big Sur Charter SchoolJaimie feeling inspired here by the magic.  So, she found her cat mask and hooped around the charter school.   Far-out fun!

Here,  children feel, smell, and learn in an atmosphere drenched in those ineffable vibrations of a time where magic, wonder and creativity were the norm.  We feel the joy of discovery and the sadness of knowing we will have to leave.   Yet, we know, too, we can carry this magic and wonder and creatvity along with us.   Such a gift, this place.   There IS an ESSENCE here as deep as the tree roots.

Big Sur CreativeAn art studio , of course!, is on this compound (which feels like an island unto itself), offering sculptures that seem to grow out of the soil and trees.    The energy flows yet feels reflective, with integrity, of a time where alternative life styles flourished.    Yes!

Big Sur Words

A provocative bit of writing posted on the window of an art studio on the compound.   (oh, and adjoining it is a very small real estate office).      Please stay the way you are most wonderful place!


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