P1390189Hey!    Hey!   Grumpy Cat, we thought this was a jolly town.  Why so somber?  We begin our walk-about San Luis Obispo with great anticipation as Oprah has called it the happiest city in America (not that we totally believed that).  But, Grumpy Cat, or Grouchy Cat or Serious Cat, seemed to be an omen.   It was a good omen, though.   We understood the cat’s somber appearance to be an intelligent warning to look deeply and not just at the surface.     Okay, we did that.

One thing we noticed right off were all the porches.   Classic homes, built long ago, with large welcoming porches adorning many homes here in San Luis Obispo, or “SLO” as the natives call it.    Although no one welcomed us to the porches and seldom did we see anyone actually sitting on the porches, they still conjure openness to neighbors and passer-bys.   Also, SLO has a sense of ease, of relaxation about it.    The homes are not mammoth and there is a pleasant mixture of old and new, of apartments, of creative homes with gardens, of regal homes that do not embarrass their smaller neighbors.    Guess you could say it feels very American: egalitarian and hopeful with its wide swaths of public parks.

Thanks Grumpy Cat for giving us a chortle and for the omen/warning to look deeply.  After our  week in SLO, keeping our eyes open, we noticed quite a bit….that much lurks under the surface of sweet and tidy…..we’ll be sharing more.


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