Bio: We, mom and me, are traveling together. After years of being entrepreneurs and years of schooling, we decided that the nomadic life was a calling. The walls of our home were stifling and all the accumulated "stuff" added to the intense feeling of being suffocated. So, we gave away and sold all this stuff that had seemed so necessary. It was exhilarating to feel lighter with each object released. Why did we wait so long? Well, it takes a lot of energy and clarity to clear the path. The leap from heavy life to light life was like crawling out of a tunnel and seeing a bright light all of a sudden. Options multiplied rather than diminished, fear abated and our faith became tangible. In fact, as we travel we constantly say: "this is God's journey." Instead of planning we leave a lot open to the intuitive, to that subtle voice which we feel is God directing in much the same way as we did when we left Berkeley, California to move to Brattleboro, Vermont. That was a leap of faith that proved to be far less crazy or intimidating than we had been warned it would be...as mother and daughter, as best friends, as comrads in the good and bad times we have , we realized, felt life's zest most when challenged by the moment. Please join us as we share.

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